The Art of Human Care: A Love Letter to the Next Generation

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“THE Art of Human Care”

Doctor Hassan Tetteh shares his experiences as a patient that was saved and a physician who saves lives—you will be inspired not only to make a difference but to change the world.



How Dr. Tetteh Can Help You

Without health, leaders cannot lead, artists cannot create, teachers cannot teach, and soldiers cannot battle for our freedom. Health empowers people to do the things that matter.” — Hassan A. Tetteh, M.D.

What really matters? Discover your answer with Dr. Hassan Tetteh. He is a board-certified heart and lung transplant surgeon, best-selling author and popular speaker who inspires people to focus on the heart of all that really matters in life. His life-changing perspective came from growing up as a kid on the streets of Brooklyn to serving as a combat surgeon in the desert of Afghanistan, from his time as a visiting scholar in the Congressional Budget Office to his success as an 18-time marathon finisher on two continents. Having overcome his own near-death experience, Hassan never ceases to “go the distance” in all he does.

Need a life-giving—or life-saving—message of renewal and hope? You need Dr. Tetteh. His prescription for “Human Care” is what is needed in the world today. LEARN MORE »


Dr. Tetteh by the Numbers

205 Invited Keynotes and Speeches Delivered
55 Countries Visited
24 Marathons Completed
6 Degrees Earned
6 Books Written

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  • Discover the antidote for burnout in healthcare
  • Catch the passion to make healthcare great again
  • Get a proven formula for a new level of healing

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  • Hospital Administrators
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“I enjoyed the session and appreciated [Dr. Tetteh’s] insights to the current state of healthcare from the inside.”
— Patrick Kennedy, Vice President, Taylor Healthcare

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