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Reflections on Dr. Martin Luther King Day: Never Sacrifice the Gift

Seven years ago, a new life began for me. I reflected on the gift of Dr. King’s life and how I had come full circle in my new office, of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department, at National Naval Medical Center, (now Walter Reed National Military Medical Center). Over a decade earlier, after medical school, I arrived at National Naval Medical Center as a new recruit, and took the oath that would commit me to a life of service in the U.S. Navy. On the day after Dr. King’s memorial I returned to where it all had started for me, and thought how all the events I experienced brought me to this place. … Read More 

The Gift of Gratitude

Sound familiar? This is a list of the negative statements seemingly on repeat in the minds of Americans every day. In Daring Greatly, Dr Brene Brown sends a clarion call for Americans to understand the impact of shame and negative thinking in their lives. One of the central points in Daring Greatly is centered on our society’s perpetual state of scarcity. … Read More 

Lead from the Heart

This year I attended TEDMED2013, the 3 ½ day program was one of my greatest professional experiences to date. It was especially rewarding because I was a TEDMED Front Line Scholar and helped with the program. Convening annually, TEDMED assembles innovators and leaders from around the world who share a common goal, creating a better future in health and medicine. … Read More