Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I spent the final hours of 2013 and early hours of 2014 with a team of dedicated individuals helping a desperately ill patient have a new lease on life with a heart transplant. The generous gift of life was made possible because of another family’s loss. Especially on this occasion, that marked the end of one year and a new beginning of another, the experience of new life filled me with awe and gratitude. On this new day and first day of the rest of my life, I thank God for unconditional love, divine intervention in all that I do, and the gift of a purpose filled life. I thank my family for their constant gift of love and am grateful for the constant reminder that life is precious and we should “never sacrifice the gift” because moments cannot be re-claimed, so passionate living is necessary now.

How rich and meaningful would our lives be if we took time to be grateful for everything? While each of our individual circumstances may vary tremendously, we all are by virtue of being alive indeed blessed beyond belief and we have so much for which we can be grateful.

One of my lifelong dreams was finally realized. With the encouragement of friends and family I wrote my first novel, “Gifts of The Heart“. Gifts is a story of love, purpose, and of commitment to serving others. Writing the story afforded the opportunity to share my experiences and was the greatest form of therapy to cope with the trauma of loss, military deployment, and pain. My goal has always been to inspire others to live a heartfelt life committed to serving others; Gifts of the Heart is the vehicle through which I hope to communicate that message.

In the short time since Gifts of the Heart has hit the shelves thousands of hearts have been touched. Almost daily, I receive countless emails, messages, notes, and words of encouragement from individuals that cite the transforming power of the novel. I save and collect them all as their words serve as continued inspiration and a powerful reminder of the impact of this important work. As I continue to share Gifts’ powerful message and connect with readers and larger audiences I hope to inspire millions to live from their hearts and commit to serving others in 2014 and beyond.

A key component of inspiring others to live from the heart is communicating what I perceive to be core principals of heartfelt living. The Seven Pillars of Life, highlighted in Gifts of the Heart, are drawn from years of experience serving others. I truly believe the application of the seven pillars in life will bring about heartfelt living and a purpose filled life. Beginning this month I will highlight, people, organizations, and efforts that exemplify these seven pillars of life:

1) Know that you are blessed

2) Believe that you have the skills and talents to serve

3) Bear your crosses and challenges in life with enthusiasm

4) Live a committed life of service and make a mark on the world

5) Make a positive difference in the world, even though you may upset others

6) Commit yourself totally to service and never look back

7) Never give up

With every best wish to you for the New Year!


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