Live from the Heart

To Heal:

To put the world right in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right.- Confucius

After a tragic loss in “Gifts of The Heart ”, Dr. Afram makes a commitment to use his life to save lives. Too often we miss the opportunity to live up to our greatest purpose, because we selfishly allow adversity to define us. Instead of breaking down, giving up and missing out on life, Dr. Afram draws inspiration from the tragedy and commits to healing himself by healing others. What kind of world would we live in today if we all had the courage to heal ourselves by healing and helping others? It is no secret that the world we live in today is overwhelmingly heartless. Violence, prejudice, inconsideration and a host of negative realities have caused many of us to live disengaged, heartless lives. We aren’t feeling like we used to, and if we were, we would see that the world is in desperate need of healing. If we ever hope to heal the world from its heartlessness, each and every one of us must have the courage to fill heart-void moments with genuine heartfelt living. Heartfelt living calls for engagement through recognition, understanding, and the willingness to let differences be ok.

Living from the heart means being actively engaged in every moment of our lives. We have to be present, otherwise we will miss the gift of healing ourselves through healing others.  Active engagement means recognizing everyone, acknowledging we have more similarities than differences and appreciating what common ground unites us. Once we begin to see each other, understanding will come naturally. Understanding one another does not mean always agreeing instead it means that we respect each other enough to be open and willing to listen. Finally, active engagement encourages us all to allow differences to be acceptable, whether in religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation or general opinions, saying yes to one another’s right to exist, draws us all closer in the end.

Every day we are presented with the opportunity to live from our hearts, address our loved ones from our hearts, listen to our children with our hearts and work diligently toward goals with our hearts. How many opportunities to live form the heart do we actually seize? If we are to heal the world of its heartless condition, we should make a conscious decision to live every moment from the heart.

After reading “Gifts of The Heart”, author and poet Ron Moore was inspired to write the poem below. “Gifts of The Heart” is inspiring readers to live from the heart in order to realize their greatest purpose here on earth.


The most vital organ; the most fragile

On a day now past, an old Baptist woman
waiting behind me in line at a chain-store grocery
reminded me that even an ant has a heart

And that all God’s creatures share the heart;
ant to ape to strangers in line in a grocery.

The heart is what unites us;
the heart is what divides us
from our self, from our mate, from our brethren,
from our family, from our greater purpose.

The doctor, the poet, the Christian, the secular humanist, the Muslim massages the fragile heart to bring man back to life;
to bring the color back to the face,
to see the face beyond the color of the corpus.

Anyone can wrap their warm human hands
around a heart and sprint away toward life
with a heart pumped with blood,
grown to adult size with sweat and tears and love.

Homeward to the realization that the most vital and fragile heart



R. Samuel Moore
July 2013

How do you live from the heart each day?


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