The Blessing of Giving Blessings

The Blessing of Becoming A Blessing

Melissa Revel is founder of Operation Military Shower and embodies The Seven Pillars of Life that I consider to be the recipe for true heartfelt existence. Through Melissa’s commitment to serving the families of our service men and women, she radiates the very first step to living from the heart. Pillar I: Know that you are blessed.

Hailing from Seminole Florida, Melissa Revel, an army wife and mother of three, faced the challenges of being pregnant with a deployed husband firsthand. Melissa was blessed to have help and support through her pregnancy and the blessed experience inspired her. She recognized many other mothers in her local community faced similar challenges during pregnancy without the blessing of resources and support. Melissa took action and founded Operation Military Shower in March of 2013. The mission of the organization is simple: “support military families by delivering baby showers for families who are expecting a baby during deployment or are facing financial hardships” Through the organization Melissa has worked with local and national sponsors to throw beautiful baby showers for over 50 fellow military families who are expecting babies or facing financial hardships.

The showers provide gifts to expecting mothers and provide a much needed support network for them.  This special network of support is made up of army wives and mothers, churches, businesses, and motivational/inspirational speakers.

Melissa believes those who are blessed are in a position to help others and have a moral obligation to answer the call to service. The most remarkable aspect of her work is the “pay it forward” manner in which she lives by. Melissa asks moms who have benefited from Operation Military Shower to simply help another family through the organization. Operation Military Shower consistently seeks new sponsors and donors, and Melissa takes care to ensure that members of her community are able to plant seeds of service as well. Through letters, volunteer assistance, and kind words of advice, Melissa and Operation Military Shower creates beautiful showers for families in a selfless manner that is both admirable and inspirational.

Operation Military Shower has received support from the following sponsors:

Baby Comfy Nose
Baby Bullet
Bella B natural bodycare
Love Bun
Bunnies By The Bay
Candlewick Press
Cozy Cocoon
Danzo Baby
Due Maternity
Etiquette Clothiers
Go Mama Go Designs

...and a host of other sponsors

If you would like to support Operation Military Shower please visit their website and be a part of this great program.

Living from the heart first requires us all to take inventory of the many blessings we have in our lives. Doing so with a grateful mind, opens the heart space, and creates the capacity for heartfelt living in our everyday lives.  If you want to live from the heart, you must first know just how blessed you are. Melissa Revel and Operation Military Shower show us all what can happen when we live a life of gratitude in service to others.


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