The Gift of Gratitude


“Never good enough
Never perfect enough
Never thin enough
Never powerful enough
Never successful enough
Never smart enough
Never certain enough
Never safe enough
Never extraordinary enough”

-Brene Brown, Daring Greatly

Sound familiar? This is a list of the negative statements seemingly on repeat in the minds of Americans every day. In Daring Greatly, Dr Brene Brown sends a clarion call for Americans to understand the impact of shame and negative thinking in their lives. One of the central points in Daring Greatly is centered on our society’s perpetual state of scarcity.

“Scarcity is the ‘never enough’ problem. The word scarce is from the Old Norman French scars, meaning ‘restricted in quantity’. Scarcity thrives in a culture where everyone is hyperaware of lack. Everything from safety and love to money and resources feels restricted or lacking. We spend inordinate amounts of time calculating how much we have, want, and don’t have, and how much everyone else has, needs and wants. What makes this constant assessing and comparing so- self-defeating is that we are often comparing our lives, our marriages, our families, and our communities to unattainable, media-driven visions of perfection, or we’re holding up our reality against our own fictional account of how great someone else has it.”

Do you find yourself in this space? If so, there is only one way to lift yourself from such negative comparison and lofty expectations that devalue your daily life. Be grateful. It’s simple, in every situation and for everything just commit to being grateful. Yes this means for the 5am alarm that wakes you up for work, be grateful, someone can’t find work. For eating the same meal every day of the work week, be grateful, someone has no food to eat.

One of the ways the protagonist in my new novel, Gifts of The Heart, discovers his deeper purpose is by recognizing after serving in Afghanistan, just how much we all take for granted. This month my goal is to challenge everyone I come in contact with to be grateful. For what are you most grateful? Please share with me the good and great things in your life. Join me in my quest to find #Amillionhearts, not just one million human hearts but specifically this month let’s focus on identifying #gratefulhearts.

Upload pictures, poems, love notes, letters, tragedy to triumph stories let’s share it all. The world is full of lack but for this month I am challenging everyone in my life to live from actively engaged #gratefulhearts. I will go first!

I am most grateful for my health and family.
#Amillionhearts #gratefulhearts #giftsoftheheartchallenge

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