The Art of Human Care Virtual Book Tour

The Art of Human Care Book Tour with Doctor Hassan TettehDoctor Hassan Tetteh shares his experiences as a patient that was saved and a physician who saves lives – you will be inspired not only to make a difference but to change the world. Check back soon for more information on dates and times.


October 2020

Awakenings with Michele Meiche

September 2020

Everyday is a New Day with Kim O'Neill

Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli

Do a Day with Bryan Falchuck

Going North with Dom Brightmon

Mindfulness Mode with Bruce Langford

WBLS Openline with Fatiyn Muhammad

Sense of Soul with Mande and Shanna

August 2020

FoxSoul - Book of Sean Interview with Dr. Sean

Late Night Health with Mark Alyn

BusBoys and Poets with Dr. Dyson

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