STAR Patrol

STAR Patrol An invitation to be a TEDx speaker in 2019 provided an opportunity for me to revisit my Star Patrol ‘book’ written in 1985 for a Young Author’s Festival in New York City. Star Patrol is republished in its original format, as written in 1985, enhanced with cover design and layout by Mark Anderson, and a Foreword written by my son, Edmund M. Tetteh. The 12-year author from Brooklyn still loves dreaming about the future and he described a Hero crime fighter, in Star Patrol, that solved a problem to save the world. Today, I'm a bit older, still an aspiring author, and I'm a heart and lung transplant surgeon and part of a Specialized Thoracic Adapted Recovery (STAR) team.  Like our Star Patrol hero, I turned a passion into a purpose, and work every day to make the impossible possible, and save the world one patient at a time.



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