The Art of Human Care

In 2014, Dr. Hassan A. Tetteh delivered a deeply inspiring speech to first year medical students during their White Coat Ceremony at his medical school Alma Mater. Now, published for the first time in book form with illustrations from his daughter, The Art of Human Care presents Tetteh’s words of wisdom and answers the question: How can we change the world through healing?

Dr. Tetteh shares how his own life-altering, near-death experience profoundly affected his approach to health care and ultimately lead to his development of The Art of Human Care theory.

Though his near-death ordeal took place before he became a doctor—before he was even accepted to medical school—this experience helped him embrace the mind-body-spirit connection that informs his practice every day. In The Art of Human Care, Dr. Tetteh combines many of his own personal stories with the healing power of art. His down-to-earth, humanitarianism, and unique perspective on what it means to “heal” will inspire readers to learn how they, too, can turn passion into a purpose, work every day to make the impossible possible, and save the world one patient at a time.

More information about the launch and book signing event for The Art of Human Care in Washington, DC.


The Art of Human Care book cover


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